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Embark on Your Personal Quest
to Becoming a Happier Being

Is something missing?
something not going right and
you can’t figure out why?

Would you like to discover your blind spots,
hidden blocks or unconscious
behaviours that are limiting you
from achieving your full potential?

Do you wish to break free from the
obvious and not so obvious viscous
cycles that is ruining joy in your life
but don’t know how?

Steps on Becoming a Happier Being

Step 1: Gain Clarity

With happiness and wellbeing assessments

The first step to becoming a Happy Being is to gain clarity. Clarity helps you to understand what you want and what you need to focus on in order to achieve what your heart truly desires!

By examining key elements of psychology and science, we have formulated a unique system to help you gain clarity.

Our happy being assessment examines your progress in eight key areas of wellbeing, stressors and blind spots, determines holistic wellbeing and happiness Index and provides you with own success and happiness blueprint.

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Understanding Holistic Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a state in which you feel healthy, happy and successful. There are eight key areas of wellbeing and each of them are closely interconnected. By examining your wellbeing holistically you can uncover the mindset and habits that’s stopping you from living the best kind of life.

Eight Key Pillars of Wellbeing


Personal relationships

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Financial security and growth

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Career success

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Self and supportive relations

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Health perception and patterns

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Emotional strength and happiness

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My Environment

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Spirituality and Meaning

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Step 2: Take Action

Practice makes progress

Clarity provides knowledge on where you stand and what you need to do to improve your life, but without everyday practice, that knowledge is pointless.

Within the HappyBeing app, the MyCoach program provides you with personalised daily practices to put your success and happiness blue print into practice.

Meditate, stress less, build mindfulness, sleep better and build positive habits with the HappyBeing app!

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Relax with


The ultimate experience for a variety of different relaxation techniques, stress less and sleep better, including:

  • Breathing Exercises
  • Relaxing with Nature
  • Therapeutic Music
  • Relaxing with your senses

Regularly completing tasks with
HappyBeing will help you...


Sharpen your mind

Focusing on interests and learning new things daily will strengthen existing synapses and create new ones.


Rewire your brain

Rewire connections that are already present in your brain so you can focus on strengthening the parts that matter most to you.


Create a happy, peaceful & successful life

Reshaping your brain can better serve you to living a happy, peaceful and successful life.


Tackle your goals with confidence

The brain cannot differentiate between thinking something and doing something - if you can think it you can do it.


Stay in the moment

Being present allows you to be aware of what's happening now instead of stressing on things in the past or future.


Manage your emotions

Calming the parts of your brain that are in charge of fear and anxiety will allow to have better control over your emotions.


Lower stress

Self-affirming affirmations can lower levels of stress hormones in your brain.


Achieve feelings of closeness, connection

Gratitude increases feel-good chemicals that contribute to the feelings of closeness and connection with others.


Achieve your goals

Mental contrasting helps your subconscious understand the promise of future rewards to help achieve your goals.


Stay positive

Focusing and being aware of the positive aspects of life allows you to flight off any negativity.

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