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Create Happier

Personalised wellbeing initiatives to boost
stress resilience for healthier, happier and more
productive workplaces.

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Benefits of a
Happier Workforce

An increase in one area of wellbeing has a positive
effect on all other areas of wellbeing

Benefits of workforce

Our steps to create
a Happier workforce

Focused on building a holistic wellbeing program
tailored to meet all of your employees needs.

Happier workforce

What makes us

Designed by mental health specialists and backed
by science. Our assessment are number one in

Quick Convenient

Quick + Convenient

Wellbeig assessment are taken
online and results are delivered
instantaneously for ease and

Intuitive Insightful

Intuitive + Insightful

The HappyBeing app recommends
actives from 400+ self-care tools
based on assessment results and
provides you with digestible data
on the progress of your employees.

Personal Confidential

Personal + Confidential

Employees receive a confidential
and extensive personal health
report with recommendations for

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

The HappyBeing app is a simple
and cost efficient way to start your
organisation's health journey.

How does it work?

Personalised email

A personalised email
is sent to employees
to discover their

Confidential online assessment

Employees complete
a 100% confidential
online assessment.

Employees wellbeing

Employees receive a
holistic wellbeing

Happy Being App

Employees continue
to work on their
wellbeing with the
Happy Being App.

wellbeing of your teams

Receive insightful
data that allows you
to track the wellbeing
of your teams.

Steps on enhance
employee wellbeing and engagement

Discover your wellbeing

STEP 1: Discover your wellbeing

We developed Happy being a self-diagnostics tool, that maps a person’s habits, attitudes and choices using a complex algorithm based on positive psychology, the science of happiness and generates a detailed analysis of your wellbeing across 8 key pillars of life - Relationships, Career, Health, social, environment, spiritual and emotions.

The detailed wellbeing report reveals your wellbeing Index, strengths along with your personalised blueprint for happiness and success with strategies for how you can break your subconscious mental blocks and actions you can take to achieve your life heart desires quickly.

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Discover your wellbeing
Ready to grow

STEP 2: Ready to grow

Choose a goal area you wish to transform. MyCoach program provides you with curated customised personal growth practices backed by science to put your personalised blueprint for happiness and success into practice so are a happier being!

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Step 3: MindSpa

Different relaxation techniques to help you focus, calm down and sleep better.

Relaxation music & meditations, Mindfulness meditations, Breathing exercises, Visualization meditations, 5 senses relaxation, Positive Perspective, Let go of emotional pain, Positive affirmations, Self-healing,

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Step 4: My Journal

Guided help to practice gratitude, journal across every area of your wellbeing and your goals. A confidential platform to shift your focus away from the negative aspects of your life to the positive ones.

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Dashboard happy being
Dashboard happy being
Dashboard happy being
Dashboard happy being

Are you ready
to create a
happier workplace?

Its our commitment to enhance every
employees wellbeing & happiness.

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