Create happier workplaces

Personalised wellbeing initiatives to boost stress resilience
for a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

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Benefits of a happier workforce

Our steps to create happier workforce

Focussed on building a holistic wellbeing program tailored to meet needs of all employees



Identify where an employee stands organization-wide, on the Happy Being Index by holistically measuring 8 areas of wellbeing thats robust enough to take to C-suite. Get insightful details on how your organisation is functioning, teams, departments that need special attention.



Based on the individual assessments, our self-care app of over 200+ tools recommends and assists each employee enhance each of the 8 areas of wellbeing that will help improve his productivity, happiness and overall wellbeing, via our award winning Happy Being App.

Graded support

Graded support

Get personalised coaching from our team of happiness coaches on need basis.



Track the value of your investment using organisational based dashboards and insightful reports across teams, departments and BHU, reviewing and refining programs for tangible outcomes

What makes us different?

Employees receive a confidential and
extensive personal health report with
recommendations for improvement

Benchmarking organisational report
with recommendations is provided

A simple and cost effective way of
beginning your organisation’s
health journey

Scoring is based on clinical evidence
and nationally recognised

Quick to complete and results
are instantaneous

Delivered online for ease of
use and convenience

Intutive dashboards and insightful
reports to easily measure ROI

Happybeing app consists of more than 400+
tools including mindfulness meditations,
journaling practices and other relaxation
tools to make self-care more accessible.

How does it work?


A personalised email is sent to employee to discover their wellbeing


Employee completes online assessment (100% confidential)


Employee receives holistic wellbeing report


Organisation data analysis and benchmarking (No employee information revealed)

Personalised self-care app to employees


Comprehensive report to employer - happier organisation blueprint

Timely touchpoints with employees and employers with Insightful reports to check progress

End of engagement provide final report with correlation to happiness & business outcomes

Are you ready to create a
happier workplace?

Its our commitment to enhance every
employees' and their families wellbeing & happiness.


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